Rooted in gratitude for the many gifts God has bestowed upon us as individuals and as a community, Christian stewardship calls upon each of us to:

  • nurture our relationship with God through prayer
  • put our faith into action through service
  • and to share our gifts with others by giving

Making a Sunday Giving Commitment to Saint Clement Parish (formerly known as the Planned Offering Program) is an important part of what it means to be a good Christian steward. Giving a financial commitment to support the basic operating needs of Saint Clement Parish represents a tangible expression of gratitude for God's role in your life and the part the church has played in deepening your spiritual life. At the same time, your commitment enables the church to support the many programs, ministries, and services that promote prayer, service, and giving to others within, and beyond the Saint Clement community (through our Clement Commits program, we donate to worthy charitable organizations). 

Our Pledge

To enable the parish to perform responsible planning of its financial budget, we ask you to fill out this pledge form. Saint Clement Parish depends on its giving program to serve its members and the community. We are eternally grateful for all that you can give.

I pledge to share my treasure by participating in the Sunday Giving Commitment and the Clement Commits program by pledging the following amount for the year.


Thanks for considering an Online Donation!

Once you've completed this form, you can get started on your Online Donation by visting the ParishPay Giving Portal